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 Looting Rules

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PostSubject: Looting Rules   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:44 pm

Looting Rules
When we run instances, please follow these few simple rules and everyone will have a fun time!

*If you are running an instance for a certain drop, you must announce your purpose while gathering your group. If you do not, the drop is fair game. The same goes for a run. If you are getting a run through an instance, you must ask the high level if you may have all the drops. If you do this, they may not roll on anything that drops (even a rare item) unless you give them permission. Also, the high level may not ask for the drop, this puts too much pressure on the lowbie to give it to you.

a.) Greed on all greens (and bind on equip blues) unless someone REALLY needs or you just don't feel like it. Greens are free-for-all. If it is an upgrade for you, please ask the group before you need the item, but by all means, need the item (If it's an upgrade for another person, both of you need it and let the dice decide!).

b.) If a blue bind on pick-up drops from a boss in an instance you may present your case (link your current item) to the group. Only ask for it if it is an upgrade for your toon. The group will decide as a whole who gets it, OR all of the qualifying players roll on it.

c.) If there are two of your specific armor/weapon/class in the same instance and you've already received one upgrade during that instance run, please pass on the next drop of that kind and let the other person have it. This allows for even distribution of items so that one person doesn't feel left out by not getting anything.

d.) If the drop is something that nobody can use and there is an enchanter in the group, the drop will go to the enchanter. The item will be disenchanted and the product of that will be rolled on by everyone in the instance. *To have a less confusing time, decide who your enchanter will be at the beginning of the instance.

(e) If the drop is of no use to anyone in the entire group and there are are no enchanters in the group. Everyone passes and then use /Roll for the loot and sell rights.

Have no fear, Tulu is here!

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Looting Rules
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