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 Rank Tests coming soon!

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PostSubject: Rank Tests coming soon!   Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:09 pm

I know that some of you are very anxious to progress in rank in the guild. I understand completely. I would like to explain why it is taking a while to get the Tests set up, because I think you have every right to know.

The Heroes are, at this time, working very hard to create Rank Tests with the perfect balance of knowledge of guild rules and policy and in-game skill/knowledge.

We have come up with a written part of the Tests suitable to each rank. These will change in time, but since some of you have been placed very high in the ranks right off the bat, we had to make sure you were tested over some things that will be elementary to people of your rank later on. To prepare for these Tests, I suggest you read over the rules and the FAQs very carefully. The main purpose of these Tests is to ensure that you will (1) not misuse the permissions granted to your new rank and (2) ensure that you have a working knowledge of what we stand for as a guild. We wouldn't want half of the Champions thinking that this is a raiding guild, for instance.

The in-game part of the test will be fairly simple. If you have leveled by questing and have a knowledge of how to work in a group, then you should be able to complete this section no problem. If you are nervous about this part, please let me know and I will arrange for one of the higher members to group with you and instruct you on proper behavior in a group.

Right now the Heroes are working together and practicing giving the tests to each other to make sure they are not too difficult and that we are on the same page as to the requirement of passing a Test.

One last thing. I know many of you hope to be Heroes someday. Let me explain how it works.

As of this point in time, there are nine (9) Heroes. According to our policy, there will always be either 9 or 11 Heroes (I am including myself in this count) so that the voting will never be a tie, and we have some control over Hero/member ratio. We cannot have too many Heroes, or everything we've worked so hard for will fall apart. Because I knew this, I had hoped that, in this guild, you all would come to view Heroes and Champions as equal. They have the same level of respect and trust. The only difference is that Heroes will have obligations and Champions are free to do as they choose. Because of these obligations, the Heroes have an authority that Champions do not. But trust me, if a Champion reports something to me, I will take it as though it was reported by a Hero.

As for the rest of you becoming Heroes someday, I hope that those of you who are worthy of that trust are someday able to achieve that position. Right now, the Heroes are people that I have hand-picked. In the future, they will be chosen by the Heroes as a group, and the members will vote on them. I hope that you all understand that we can only have Heroes that are completely trusted and that I know will do the jobs assigned to them.

Have no fear, Tulu is here!
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Rank Tests coming soon!
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