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 First Guild Karazhan Run

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PostSubject: First Guild Karazhan Run   Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:58 am

Okay so, as many of you know, most of the level 70s in Emerald Valor decided to make a go of Karazhan yesterday afternoon.
Arvernien, Nightloom, Loraeille, Killakozmo, Dpre, Thegrmreaper, Baralor, and me (Lassyran) went in with swords drawn and shields up. We took with us a friendly mage, Haznabel, who is a friend of Arvernien and an equally friendly healadin who transformed into a warlock named Gomega when Thegrmreaper joined us.
We made it up to two different bosses, but we were unfortunately unable to kill either of them. The first one (since we went the wrong way) was a phase hound and he and his friends devoured us in short order. The second boss we made it to, who is actually the first was Attumen and his evil pony Midnight. We got Midnight down to 30% health when they merge together a few times, getting better with each pull, but they proved too much for us without an off tank. Hopefully next week when we have Annux, HolyTips, and by default Dloc as well we will do better. Attumen is a gear check for Karazhan so look for us to be running a lot of Heroics between now and the next attempt. All in all it was a terrific first guild run! Nightloom got some epic boots and the rest of the loot was tossed into the guild vault.
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PostSubject: 1st Go at Kara   Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:43 am

What a run everyone for it being most everyones 1st look at Kara we did exceptionally well considering. The great thing now is that we will only get better as we continue to run it and I agree 100% that we should run as many heroics as possible to help with gear for everyone. I was really happy to get those boots awsome. I have seen those drop 2 times out of like 4-5 Kara runs so not to worrie Annux they will drop again. I just want to let everyone know we rocked it for our first run considering. To the missing 70's that were unable to make it in looking forward to our next attempt. To those that could not make it we missed you all. But we will fight another day hehe. Cya all very soon. And I am always up for Heroics with Night.

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PostSubject: Re: First Guild Karazhan Run   Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:24 am

I had an absolute blast! We were at it for about 3-1/2 hours and I enjoyed every minute. With a little practice and a gear upgrade here and there, we'll do fine. My thanks to everyone for 4 hours of the most enjoyable WoW experience I've had.
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PostSubject: Re: First Guild Karazhan Run   

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First Guild Karazhan Run
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