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 Profession Guides: For Guildies, by Guildies

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PostSubject: Profession Guides: For Guildies, by Guildies   Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:55 pm

This is just a thread where guild mates can post advice about leveling a profession.

For example, I just started Enchanting on Shiro (10 Warlock) and i'm curious about what I should grind on.

Just post stuff like that and stuff pertaining to every other craft here.
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PostSubject: leveling chanting is hard and expensive   Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:38 pm

I googled "leveling guide enchanting" and found lots of guides - I just can't get at them from work.

Not to put you off, but just so you know what you're getting into, enchanting is one of the hardest skills to level, and one of the most expensive. It can be very lucrative at high levels, but it is costly to get there.

If you don't already have it, get the add-on Enchantrix. It will show you what an item can DE into and what the percentages are, and tells you what skill level you need to DE it.

You may find that you hit frustrating plateaus. At times, your DE level may not be quite high enough to DE an item that has a potential drop you need to cast a chant you need to level your skill. Quite commonly, the mat you need to drop from an item is only 5% likely, so you have to DE lots of stuff to get it.

It's effectively expensive in another way, because you DE a lot of stuff that you might otherwise sell. The low level mats you can generate don't sell, because every chanter has scads of "strange dust" from when they were leveling.

So to level early, and to amass your store of mats, you just have to DE tons of items. At low levels, I would say repeated runs through VC will generate a quite a number of items you won't feel bad about DE-ing. Once you get to level 20 so your aggro radius isn't huge, we'll get a couple of 60-70 guildies and run you through VC 3 times in an hour and you'll get 30+ items to DE. Lots of cloth for first aid, too.

In my opinion, you need friends to level this skill. High level chanters can kick you down some mats that for them are low level, but which for you are hard to get. Get some Guild members to send you items that don't sell on the AH, or that they created to level their own manufacturing skills. As a tailor, I make a bunch of stuff to level my skill that are essentially worthless, so I sent them all to Jethrin to help him level his chanting. Hopefully others with manufacturing skills will see this and start sending you stuff to DE. You should be about the same skill level or you wouldn't be able to DE the items sent to you.

Scan the guild vault regularly with Enchantrix to find items that you can DE, that have the potential for drops you want and/or are cheapest for you to buy. The vault was just cleaned out - I don't think anyone would mind if you bought items to DE if they're just going to be sold off anyway. (But that's an expense, too.)

Enough of the negative. Would someone please talk up the positive?

Everyone loves an enchanter, don't they? sunny

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PostSubject: Re: Profession Guides: For Guildies, by Guildies   Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:56 am

The easiest way for me to level enchanting was to take tailoring as well, that way I could disenchant most of the items I made and wear the rest of them. VC and WC are both great places to run with friends who will let you DE all of the greens as well as the blues they can't use... other than that, patience is a virtue? I wouldn't rely too heavily on 60s and 70s running you through mostly because you will level way faster if they aren't soaking up 99% of the xp.
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PostSubject: Re: Profession Guides: For Guildies, by Guildies   

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Profession Guides: For Guildies, by Guildies
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