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 Outland Starter's Guide

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PostSubject: Outland Starter's Guide   Sat Apr 05, 2008 1:38 am

Note: send me a PM if you would like a copy of this in MS word format.


When you first arrive, Outland can be very intimidating. There’s a whole continent to explore. The first mobs you see are very dangerous and you have lots of options. This outline is a brief guide to your first few weeks in Outland. It is intended to simplify your early questing decisions and help you manage your reputation builds with the Outland Factions. This guide is written for Alliance players. It is not a level guide. By the time you reach level 65 you should have a good understanding of what you can and should do next.

You will probably have a few professional skills that need upgrading. I will mention a few of them in this guide, but you will have to look up the information for most of them on www.wowwiki.com or www.wowhead.com

Getting to Outland
The Dark Portal leads to Outland. It is located in the southern end of The Blasted Lands. Any character level 58 and higher can walk through the Dark Portal to Outland. Many players, however, find that the starting zone, Hellfire Peninsula, is too difficult at level 58. Therefore, if you are soloing, consider questing in Outland at level 60.

Before you start in Outland find a friendly mage to port you to Shattrath. Once in Shattrath find the flight master, a Draenei named Nutral (64, 41). Shattrath has the banks, vendors and portals to Azeroth that you will need. There is no auction house in Outland. Make a bank toon back in Azeroth, and send him all the stuff you wish to auction.

Shattrath has free, permanent portals (52, 37) to Darnassus, The Exodar, Ironforge and Stormwind. Many players, even while questing in Azeroth, will set their hearthstone to one of the inns (detailed below) in Shattrath, and will use the portals in Shattrath to travel around Azeroth. For example, if you are in the Eastern Kingdoms, using your hearthstone to go to Shattrath walking to the portal to Darnassus is much faster than flying to a port city, taking the boat to Kalimdor and then flying to Darnassus.

Begin your Outland Experience
Return to Stormwind City. Take the flight path from Stormwind city to Nethergarde Keep in the Blasted Lands and head south to the Dark Portal. Pick up the quests from the Alliance NPC before entering the Dark Portal.

Step through the Dark Portal, head down the stairs and turn to the left. Turn in the quest and continue to the left. There is a flight master on the podium. Take a griffon ride to Honor Hold.

Honor Hold
There are lots of quests available in Honor Hold. If you want to build Honor Hold (HH) reputation to a high level, however, you need to understand that if you do a bunch of the HH quests early (those that give you reputation in HH), you will have a very difficult time achieving a high reputation. This is because the quests themselves do not award enough to get past “honored” status, but killing monsters stops giving HH reputation after “honored”. Therefore, you have to kill monsters early to build rep and then switch to quests to get rep. This makes questing to gain levels difficult; hence the need for this guide. Your goal in Hellfire Peninsula is to upgrade your gear, gain reputation with Honor Hold (without questing) and get experience.

From Honor Hold are flight paths to Shattrath, The Dark Portal, and the Temple of Telhamat.

  1. Hellfire Peninsula
    1. Start at Honor Hold and sign up for as many runs of the Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts (AKA “Ramps”) and Hellfire Citadel: Blood Furnace (aka “BF”) that you can join in Pick Up Groups, or try to arrange groups with your guild. You are trying to get gear upgrades, experience and Honor Hold reputation. Complete until you reach “honored” status with Honor Hold.
    2. While waiting for instance runs quest in the following areas: southwest of Honor Hold are a couple of goblins near a crashed Zeppelin (49,74). Do all of their quests.
    3. Run/Ride northwest of Honor Hold across the gorge that divides the northern and southern zones to the Temple of Telhamat (get the flight path!) (23, 39). Do as many quests as possible.
    You can also purchase the book to unlock your First Aid skill here.
    4. You will eventually get a quest to help a few members of the Cenarion Expedition south west ( 15, 51)of the Temple of Telhamat*. Do the quests for them and then head to Zangarmarsh.

  1. 1. Turn in the quest at the Cenarion Refuge (79, 64) and then leave town. Do NOT get any Cenarion Expedition quests. Head west and slightly north to Telredor (68, 48 ), a Draenei town on top of a big mushroom.*
    2. Do as many quests as you like from the Draenei.
    3. Join instance runs in Coilfang Reservior: Slave Pens or Coilfang Reservior: Underbog.*
    4. As you complete quests in Zangarmarsh you will find two items you should keep – Bog Lord Tendrils and Unidentified Plant Parts. Save these for reputation turn-ins with Sporeregar and Cenarion Expedition respectively.
    5. Head to Orebor Harborage (41, 27) and complete quests there.

Terokkar Forest
  1. 1. Head to Allerian Stronghold (57, 53)and complete as many quests as you desire in this zone. You probably want to skip instance groups in Auchindoun (Auchenai crypts, mana-tombs, sethekk halls, or Shadow Labyrinth) they require at least level 65.
    2. There are quests both north and south of Allerian Stronghold.

  1. 1. Make you way from Shattrath to Nagrand via the tunnel from the Aldor level. Head south and west to Telaar (55, 69). Do as many quests as you can throughout this zone. To the north is the Nesingwary Camp (71, 40), in the center is Halaa (41, 44) (a PvP zone), south of Halaa is the Consortium group (31, 58 ) and in the north central is the Throne of Elements (60, 24). All of these areas will have quests for you. You can build easy reputation with the Kurenai (in Telaar) and can also get decent reputation with the Consortium.
    2. Collect Obsidian Warbeads and Oshu’gun Crystal Residue (or fragments) as you quest and save for turn ins with Kurenai and Consortium.

By this time you should be around level 67. You can now join Auchindoun instance groups (excepting Shadow Labs). Do this as you see fit and head to –

Shadowmoon Valley
  1. 1. Go to Wildhammer Stronghold (36, 55), south center of the zone by following the road.
    2. Do as many quests as you see fit in the area.

A note about Aldor and Scryer’s Reputation.

These two factions are located throughout Outland and hate each other. Any reputation you gain with one decreases your reputation with the other by 110%. Their main offices are located in Shattrath. The Aldor on Aldor Rise and the Scryer’s on Scryer’s Terrace.
Both factions have a bank.

As you quest you will find the following items drop from various mobs: Mark of Kil’jaden, Mark of Sargeras, Fel Armament, Firewing Signet, Sunfury Signet, Arcane Tome. These items are used to gain reputation with Aldor (first 3) and Scryer’s (last 4). Save all of them that you find until you decide which group to join. You may safely visit both faction’s quartermaster to compare the items available for purchase at differing reputation levels when you first arrive. You may wish to read about the factions on the websites as well.

Item Used For Zone Notes
  • Firewing Signet Scryer Reputation All
    Sunfury Signet Scryer Reputation All
    Arcane Tome Scryer Reputation,
    Shatar Reputation All
    Mark of Kil’jaden Aldor Reputation All
    Mark of Sargeras Aldor Reputation All
    Fel Armament Aldor Reputation
    Shatar Reputation All
    Unidentified Plant Parts Cenarion Expedition Reputation Zangarmarsh
    Uncatalogued Species Cenarion Expedtition Reputation Zangarmarsh Hold until revered.
    Dampscale Eyeballs Scryer Reputation Terokkar Forest Required until Friendly
    Motes (earth, fire, water, air, shadow, mana, life) Turn 10 motes into 1 Primal All Very valuable
    Obsidian Warbeads Consortium Reputation
    Kurenai Reputation All (from ogres)
    Oshu’gun Crystal Fragments Nagrand Turn 20 in at Halaa when controlled by Alliance
    Bog Lord Tendril Sporegar Reputation Zangarmarsh
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Outland Starter's Guide
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