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 Guild Vault Clean up

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PostSubject: Guild Vault Clean up   Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:45 am

I will be cleaning up the guild vault on April 13th. The miscellaneous green items will be sold or disenchanted and the various materials in the vault will be collected and either sold or sent to guild craftsmen for use.

How you can help:
Buy stuff from the guild vault if you can use it. (speak with a Hero to buy)
Enchanters, alchemists, and tailors, if you need skill points let me know.
Buy and read the various plans. These will be sold on the 13th.

Many items will remain in the vault - specifically, potions, some of the blue items, and many of the more useful items.

Please take advantage of the guild vault - buy from the guild.
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Guild Vault Clean up
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