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 The reason behind the madness

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PostSubject: The reason behind the madness   Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:12 am

Sorry about not logging on last night (again). My little brother turned 15 yesterday. Smile Annux and I went to my parents' house to celebrate.

You may have noticed that my "brother" seems to have "birthdays" an awful lot... well that's because I happen to have 5 brothers. Oh, right, and two sisters. I am the second oldest child of 8. Yes, we're all full-blood siblings, no my parents don't think birth-control is wrong. They just wanted a lot of kids.

The good news is that after the spring birthdays are over (one more May 1st), there is a lull until mid-July. Then Annux and I celebrate both our birthdays and our anniversary all in three days. Then there is another lull until September. Between both our families (just immediate family!) we have 10 birthdays from February until May 1st. We have 4 birthdays from September to November. And we're all alone in the sweet summer months. I'll be on tonight, unless this evil thunderstorm we're experiencing decides that it hates me and knocks my power (or internet) out.

Now that you know what kind of family I have, maybe you'll understand me a bit better. Smile

<3 Tulu

Have no fear, Tulu is here!
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The reason behind the madness
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