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 New Blacksmithing Items

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PostSubject: New Blacksmithing Items   Mon May 12, 2008 11:03 am

I have a couple of new blacksmithing items I can make. If you want me to make the item you can use the time while I'm away to gather the materials.

Felsteel Helm - 8 Felsteel Bars. A great helm for paladin and warrior tanks. I will be making these to level my blacksmithing skill so I will probably have one on hand. I will discount the price for guild members to 50% of the AH buyout which is about 25g. Of course, if you supply the materials it's free.
Khorium Belt - 3 Khorium Bars, 2 primal water, 2 primal mana - For paladins who have just hit level 70.
Flamebane (bracers, gloves, breastplate) - Fel Iron Bars, Primal Water, Primal Fire (check wowhead for exact amounts)

Swiftsteel Gloves - good gloves for fury warriors and retribution paladins
Ragesteel Shoulders - good shoulders for fury warriors
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New Blacksmithing Items
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