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 Goodbye, but not completely

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PostSubject: Goodbye, but not completely   Fri Jun 20, 2008 10:27 am

As you all know, by now, I have resigned from the position of Guild Leader and Annux and I have quit WoW. It was a very tough decision for me. I did not want to leave you.

There are many reasons why we had to do this. Let me just sum it up in two words: Time and Money. They are, unfortunately, inseparable, so sending us time cards (which many of you have generously offered to do) won't help that much. We are both working full-time AND part-time this summer, so we wouldn't have much time to play even if it were free to us.

Annux is starting Optometry School this fall (he will be a full-fledged Doctor in four years!), and we have been told to kiss any form of social life good-bye. In addition to that, we will have to take out student loans, and we want to start paying on them immediately.

Rest assured, however, that we will stay in touch with you through the website and e-mails. I only have time to write to one of you per day (if that), so don't feel bad if you don't get an e-mail right away. I'll get to you eventually. Smile

I will continue to post in this thread, but I will remove the GM title from the description. Lassyran is your new Guild Leader, and I trust her judgement completely. Please be kind to her, as you were to me. She and I are in contact very consistently, so you can always get in touch with me through her. And, Lassy, you have my permission to give my e-mail address to anyone in the guild who asks. Thanks, dear.

I have run out of time for today, so I will sign off. I read all your posts, and it helps me keep up with you. Thanks for writing.

<3 to you all.


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Goodbye, but not completely
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