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 Guild Reorganization and Officer Meeting Minutes

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PostSubject: Guild Reorganization and Officer Meeting Minutes   Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:18 pm

Emerald Valor Officers’ Meeting June 16, 2008
1. Lassyran’s report from Tuluwen
2. Guild Leadership
3. More officers
4. Promotion tests and rules revisions
5. Ranks
6. Vault, Tab notes and recent theft
7. Raiding
8. Website revisions
9. Baralor (Vescas)
10. Offline members
11. Alts
Attendance: Arvernien, Lassyran, Detrimental, Tuber
Absent: Dloc


1. Report on Tuluwen
Lassyran reported that Tuluwen called and explained that due to work, school and other obligations she and Annux would be offline for the foreseeable future. Tuluwen expects to return someday, but is not sure when. There was a party and Lassyran was appointed Acting Guild Leader.

2. Guild Leadership
Current Officers are Arvernien, Lassyran, Detrimental, Tuber and Dloc.
Ogknight had previously asked to step down and Baralor (and Annux and all of Baralor’s other alts) was given to Vescas, and therefore demoted to the rank of Henchman.
The Guild Leader position was discussed. Lassyran was appointed Guild Leader transitionally by Tuluwen, but she does not feel that she alone can sufficiently attend to the duties of GL – both administrative and social. Several options for “sharing the load” were discussed, and in the end the officers agreed that since Arvernien is highly organized and is already the vault “bank manager,” he will take the rank of Guild Leader for administrative purposes, and a new rank will be created - Lassyran will take on the role of Assistant Guild Leader. More discussion is needed between the two regarding the division of responsibilities, but it was felt that this arrangement would actually afford Lassyran more time to concentrate on the social requirements of guild leadership, such as interacting with the guild members, testing, arranging instances, raids, etc. Lassyran will also retain administrative rights over the website.
The change over will take place next weekend after these minutes are posted to the website. We want to alert the membership of this change in advance, so the Guild Message of the Day will also advertise the posting of these minutes.

3. More Officers
We agreed that we currently do not have enough officers to properly serve the needs of the members. There was a discussion on how many officers we would like and how we would get more officers. It was agreed that getting the right people to participate is more important than getting a specific number.
The 5 existing officers will form the core of the guild leadership and will remain as permanent officers, but we will recruit additional officers to serve on a rotating basis. A number of names were discussed, and a process needs to be set out to recruit these individuals, and we need to document what will be expected of them, how long they would serve, etc. This will be discussed at the next Officers’ meeting.
We will likely need a new rank designation, but with the advent of the role of Assistant Guild Leader, we have used up the available quota. See item 5 below.

4. Promotion Testing and rules revisions.
All in attendance agreed that the requirements for promotion within the guild were too onerous on the officers and too intimidating for the members.
There are a number of things we can do to simplify promotions. The first is to simplify the rules that members are tested on. The second is to streamline the testing procedures themselves. Currently, the tests include too many “not make or break” questions.
Detrimental was one of the developers of the testing requirements under the old guild leadership, and volunteered to write up revisions to the rules. During the coming week, Arv and Det will hash out proposed changes to the testing and post revisions for comment by the other officers by Friday.

5. Ranks
When we are ready to recruit additional officers, we will need a separate rank. As mentioned, with the creation of the Assistant Guild Leader rank, we have run out of rank slots. It was agreed that the rank of Seeker would be eliminated – all seekers will be promoted to Apprentice by Lassyran this weekend. It has not yet been decided what should happen with Apprentices who have already passed one rank test.

6. Vault, tabs, and recent theft
The Vault was recently looted by an individual from outside the guild who had hacked Tuluwen’s account. Blizzard was able to restore the lost items and indicated that they have limited ability to do that again. To limit our losses if this were to happen again, Officers’ vault rights have been reduced to a 20-item limit on withdrawals per day. The limit on cash withdrawals (only officers, and limited to 50g per day) remains in effect.
Additional information was added to the notes tabs to clarify what each vault tab is for. It was agreed that we need to educate the members not to deposit gray items.

7. Raiding
Up until now, the guild description, the rules and the rank tests actively discouraged discussions of raiding. It is felt that this contributes to new 70s in the guild leaving for other raiding guilds. It was agreed that we want to do raids and it is hoped that this will encourage 70s to stay, and to join. We do not want to become a “hard core” raiding guild, and we will start referring to our guild as a “casual” raiding guild. A number of ideas were discussed as to how we could encourage raiding, such as helping new 70s acquire better “pre-raiding” gear.

8. Website revisions
In general it was agreed that we would clean up some of the old posts from the website (especially those by folks who are no longer members of the guild). Lassyran was nominated “webmaster”, has full administration rights to the site, and will clean out old postings. Significant changes will continue to be discussed with the officers.
An addition section will created for Raid-related posts.

9. Baralor
As mentioned above, Baralor’s account is now run by Vescas. There was a brief discussion about asking him to re-name the characters to avoid confusion; however, the $25 charge to rename characters shelved the idea. It was agreed that we would indicated that they were Vescas’ alts in guild note, and that he would have to reduce the number of alts in the guild – see item 11, below.

10. Offline members
Lassyran agreed to look through the guild roster and drop alts that have not been used in 3 months. They would be sent notes and would be welcome to rejoin if they decided to play again. Detrimental and Arvernien will review mains that have not played in over a month, and send in-game messages in advance of dropping those toons from the guild roster. Dropped members are welcome to rejoin.

11. Alts
It was agreed that we need to put a limit on the number of alts that a player can have in the guild. One of the rule changes will be that members may have a main and up to two alts in the guild. A member that has more than 2 alts will need to choose which alts to keep in the guild, and there was agreement that we have no problem with a member regularly swapping his or her alts in and out of the guild, depending on which alt they want to spend more time on.

Next Meeting:
The officer’s present agreed to meet again at 7 pm Server Time on Friday June 20 to review progress on the various action items
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Guild Reorganization and Officer Meeting Minutes
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