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 One last thing

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PostSubject: One last thing   Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:09 pm

Ahhh didn't think I'd end up posting again, but what do you know, I still come here all the time and read up on whats going on Smile

If you haven't already, don't worry about dropping me from the guild for organizational purposes as I probably wont be signing on anytime soon, and I know that if I was to, I'd just ask to be invited back in Very Happy

That leads me to what I was going to address in this post, I am however playing WoW, just not retail = /
So if anyone is out of money, bored with retail, anything like that, visit Cosmicwow.net, get an account, level cap is 100, instant 70, they have S4 from a PTR and basically anything from T6 to S4 is free, and they have custom sets, it's actually really fun.

If you end up playing, just whisper me, Roflwaffle is my main, full T9 100 rogue Very Happy

See ya guys.
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One last thing
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