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 Leveling Engineering by Velgaurd off from WoW forums

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PostSubject: Leveling Engineering by Velgaurd off from WoW forums   Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:51 am

Engineering Leveling Guide Here 1-375

-Table of Contents-

Second Professions
Specialization and Artisan
Locations for Commonly Asked About Parts
Holiday Recipes
Reputation Reward Schematics
Darkmoon Faire
Dark Iron
Field Repair Bot 7A
Engineering Bags
Seaforium Charges
Flying Mounts
Quest Schematics
Engineer-Only Schematics
Engineering for Profit

-Newest Update-
Added 2.4 Information

-Credit where credit is due-

Thottbot.com and Wowhead.com- These are databases with a wealth of information, and without them I would never have been able to compile this post.
All those who have posted useful information- It wouldn’t be fair for me to just pick certain people and say they have helped more than others, because it’s everyone who has posted useful information and helped others with their problems that allowed this topic to grow
Blizzard Entertainment- For creating such a wonderful game.


Let me start by saying that I hope this guide can help shed some light on the questions you may have, and guide you on your choice to specialization. The first thing you should know is that class doesn't have a large effect on which engineering path you should take, but rather you should look at the devices and see which ones you like. And many of the devices can be traded, so just because it’s made by the other specialization doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use it. Let me also say, that although many schematics have the word "Gnomish" or "Goblin" in their names, they can be learned by both specializations. (Goblin Jumper Cables, Gnomish Universal Remote, Gnomish Cloaking Device, and Goblin Land mine)

-Second Professions-

Mining- Mining is the main gathering profession for engineering and any engineer would be wise to take it, as the majority of materials required for schematics are ores, stones and gems.

Skinning- Not a major role, but many schematics require some leather. It would be wiser to take mining though, as you can easily buy the leather when needed.

Alchemy/Blacksmithing- If you are going to buy the mining materials, you may want to consider alchemy(Goblin) or blacksmithing(Gnome) as your second choice so you can make the special reagents, Goblin Rocket Fuel(Alchemy) and Inlaid Mithril Cylinder(Blacksmithing)for yourself.

Fishing- A secondary skill (meaning you can have it in addition to your 2 primary professions) that has very little to do with engineering, but on occasion you may fish up crates with engineering goods, cloth, leather and the occasional gem.

-Specialization and Artisan-

In order to raise your Engineering skill past Expert (225) you must speak with the Master Engineer in Gadgetzan and learn Artisan Engineering. Specializing in Goblin or Gnome does NOT let you raise your skill to 300; it simply allows you to access their schemata.

Level Requirements for training:
Level 5- Apprentice (Max 75)
Level 10- Journeyman (Max 150)
Level 20- Expert (Max 225)
Level 30- Specialization (Max 225)
Level 35- Artisan (Max 300)
Level 50- Master (Max 375)

-Locations for commonly asked about parts-

Flask of Oil- Used in Gnomish Universal Remote and Goblin Jumper Cables. Can be found on Harvest Reapers in Westfall (Alliance) or the Goblins in the Boulder Lode Mine in the Barrens (Horde)

Fused Wiring- Used in Alarm-O-Bot, Mechanical Dragonling, Field Repair Bot 74A, Gnomish Cloaking Device, Goblin Jumper Cables, Goblin Jumper Cables XL, Lil' Smokey and Bombling. Can be found rarely on mechanical mobs (Such as those in Gnomeregan and Venture Co. Shredder) and all types of target dummies and compact reapers. Can also be made using a schematic learned at level 275 engineering that is bought from either Viggz Shinesparked in Shattrath City or Xizzer Fizzbolt in Everlook.

Primal Nether- Primal Nethers Bind on Pickup and have a low chance to drop off the final boss in instances around level 70. They are also guaranteed drops off bosses in Heroic instances. G’eras in Shattrath City will also trade you one for 10 Badges of Justices, which are obtained from bosses in Heroic instances.


Requirements: To specialize in either Goblin or Gnomish engineering, you must have 200 engineering and be at least level 30. To start the quests talk to Tinkerwiz in Ratchet when you meet the requirements. You will then be sent to either Gadgetzan(Goblin), Ironfroge(Gnome-Alliance), or Booty Bay (Gnome-Horde). You will then be asked to finalize your choice one more time, and then to make some items for them. Goblin Engineers need to make 20 Big Iron Bombs, 20 Solid Dynamite, and 5 Explosive Sheep. Gnomish Engineers need to make 6 Mithril Tubes, 1 Accurate Scope, and 2 Advanced Target Dummies.

Reagents: Many specialization schematics require reagents ,Goblin Rocket Fuel (Alchemy) and Inlaid Mithril Cylinder (Blacksmithing), made by other professions. In order for these professions to make these items, they must learn it from a recipe that the engineer makes.

Goblin: Focus on bombs and fire damage. Trainers can be found in Ratchet or Gadgetzan.

Goblin Schemata:
Goblin Rocket Fuel Recipe (Recipe)
Goblin Construction Helmet (Cloth/Head) (Binds When Picked Up)
Goblin Mining Helmet (Mail/Head) (Binds When Picked Up)
Goblin Mortar (Trinket) (Binds When Equipped)
Goblin Sapper Charge (Item)
Goblin Rocket Boots (Cloth/Feet) (Binds When Equipped)
Goblin Bomb Dispenser (Trinket) (Binds When Picked Up)
The Big One (Item)
Goblin Dragon Gun (Trinket) (Binds When Picked Up)
Goblin Rocket Helmet (Cloth/Head) (Binds When Equipped)
Super Sapper Charge (Item)
The Bigger One (Item)
Goblin Rocket Launcher (Trinket) (Binds When Equipped)
Foreman’s Enchanted Helmet (Cloth/Head) (Binds When Picked Up)
Foreman’s Reinforced Helmet (Mail/Head) (Binds When Picked Up)

Pet: Pet Bombling (Item) (Binds When Picked Up)
Dropped Schematics: Goblin Jumper Cables XL (Trinket)
Teleporters: Everlook (Trinket) (Binds When Used), Area 52 (Trinket) (Binds When Used)
Reagent: Goblin Rocket Fuel (Made by an alchemist with a skill of 210 or higher)

Gnome: Focus on quirky gadgets and trinkets. Trainers can be found in Booty Bay or Ironforge.

Gnome Schemata:
Inlaid Mithril Cylinder Plans (Recipe)
Gnomish Shrink Ray (Trinket) (Binds When Equipped)
Gnomish Goggles (Cloth/Head) (Binds When Picked Up)
Gnomish Net-O-Matic Projector (Trinket) (Binds When Equipped)
Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt (Leather/Waist) (Binds When Equipped)
Gnomish Rocket Boots (Cloth/Feet) (Binds When Equipped)
Gnomish Battle Chicken (Trinket) (Binds When Picked Up)
Gnomish Death Ray (Trinket) (Binds When Picked Up)
Gnomish Mind Control Cap (Cloth/Head) (Binds When Equipped)
Gnomish Flame Turret (Item)
Gnomish Poultryizer (Trinket) (Binds When Equipped)
Nigh-Invulnerability Belt (Cloth/Waist) (Binds When Equipped)
Gnomish Battle Goggles (Leather/Head) (Bind When Picked Up)
Gnomish Power Goggles (Cloth/Head) (Binds When Picked Up)

Pet: Lil' Smokey (Item) (Binds When Picked Up)
Dropped Schematics: Gnomish World Enlarger (Trinket) (Requires Gnomish Engineer), Gnomish Alarm-O-Bot (Item)
Teleporters: Gadgetzan (Trinket) (Binds When Used), Toshley’s Station (Trinket) (Binds When Used)
Reagent: Inlaid Mithril Cylinder (Made by a Blacksmith with a skill of 200 or greater)

Teleporters: Each specialization allows you to make teleportation devices once you reach level 260 and level 350 in Engineering. The Gnome teleporters teleport you to Gadgetzan (In Tanaris) and Toshley’s Station (In Blade’s Edge Mountains. Although an Alliance town the teleporter is outside the town and can be accessed by Horde players), and the Goblin teleporters teleport you to Everlook (In Winterspring) and Area 52 (In Netherstorm). To learn the schematics you must first visit the teleporter operator in either Everlook or Area 52 (For Goblin Engineers) or Gadgetzan or Toshley’s Station (For Gnomish Engineers), if you have the appropriate levels or above in engineering, and the proper specialization, they will teach you the schematics for free. You cannot use the other specializations teleporters.

Membership Cards: After you finish your specialization quest, you will receive a Goblin or Gnome Membership card. These have a duration of 14 days, which only counts the time you are online. In other words, you have to be logged into that character for 14 days for it to expire. When it expires you must visit a trainer for your specialization and pay 2 gold to renew your subscription. Your new card is immediately placed in your inventory and your renewal gift arrives a few hours later in your mailbox. Gifts range from bombs (Goblins) and parts (Gnomes) to schematics (Both). Also know that the schematics for the specialization pets (Lil' Smokey and Bombling) are obtained from renewal gifts. Membership Cards are needed to access the unique schemata for your specialization.

Re-specialization: In order to switch you specialization you must first COMPLETELY unlearn engineering. Doing this will cause you to lose all your recipes and accumulated levels in engineering, so you should take the time to make sure it’s what you want. After you have unlearned engineering, relearn it and level it back up to 200. You must then go to Narain Soothfancys house in Tanaris (A little north of SteamWheedle Port). On his table is an open book entitled Soothsaying for Dummies. Once you’ve read it, you will be able to take up the other specialization.

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PostSubject: Continued   Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:52 am

-Holiday Recipes-

Feast of Winter Veil: During The Feast of Winter Veil, those who complete Stolen Winter Treats (Obtained at level 30) have a chance to get the Schematic for the Snowmaster 9000. The Snowmaster 9000 turns 1 Refreshing Spring Water into 1 Snowball. It has a 1 day cooldown and unlimited uses.

Lunar Festival: The Lunar Festival offers MANY firework recipes for the engineers willing to undertake the challenge of gaining the required Coins of Ancestry. The firework recipes come in packages of 3, one red, one blue, and one green firework recipe of the same type. In order to launch these special fireworks, you will need either a Firework Launcher or a Cluster Firework Launcher which have their own recipes.

Firework Launcher
Cluster Firework Launcher
Small Rocket Recipes
Large Rocket Recipes
Cluster Rocket Recipes
Large Cluster Rocket Recipes

NOTE: All schematics and packages cost 5 Coins of Ancestry.

-Reputation Reward Schematics-

Zandalar Tribe: The Zandalar Tribe offers 2 engineering schematics, Bloodvine Lens (Friendly/300 Engineering/Leather), and Bloodvine Goggles (Honored/300 Engineering/ Cloth).Their town, reward vendors, and a few quest givers, can be found at the small island off the northern coast of Stranglethron Vale. The best way to raise your reputation with them is by doing the 20-man Raid instance ZulGurub (Stranglethorn Vale). Both schematics require Souldarite (A gem found from mining Hakkari Thorium Veins in ZulGurub) and Bloodvine (An herb that drops off herb nodes in ZulGurub if the herbalist has a Blood Scythe, which is obtained from the Jinxed Hoodoo Pile in ZulGurub)

Cenarion Expedition: At Friendly, you can purchase the schematic for a Green Smoke Flare. The Schematic requires level 335 in engineering to learn, and is bought from Fedryen Swiftspear in Zangarmarsh.

Consortium: At Revered, you can purchase the schematic for Elemental Seaforium charges from the Consortium Quartermaster in The Stormspire, Karaaz. The schematic requires level 350 engineering to learn.


Throughout Gnomeragan are machines that you can use your engineering skill to unlock new schematics. To start the process you must receive a White Punch Card from one of the mobs in the non-instanced part of Gnomeregan and use it on the Matrix Punchograph Machine 3005-A located outside the instance. You then get the Yellow Punch Card for the Matrix Punchograph Machine 3005-B, which is located in the dormitories by the clean zone, where you can use your engineering skill (If its 140 or greater) to learn the schematic for the Minor Recombobulator. You will also get the Blue Punch Card (Regardless of whether or not you got the Minor Recombobulator Schematic.) which allows you to access the Matrix Punchograph Machine 300-C, located by the Electrocutioner 6000, which gives the Red Punch Card. The Red Punch Card is used on the Matrix Punchograph Machine 3005-D in the Engineering Labs to get the Prismatic Punch Card for the Alliance quest Data Rescue (Obtained at level 25 from Master Mechanic Castpipe in Ironforge), and (If you have the Security DELTA access card, obtained from Gnomeregan Mobs, and an engineering level of 160 or greater) you can learn the schematic for the Discombobulator Ray.

-Darkmoon Faire-

The Darkmoon Faire has a few engineering item turn-in quests which can earn you tickets that can be exchanged for prizes. Simply talk to Rinling at the Darkmoon Faire to turn in the items. The lower level quests can only be done a certain number of times before you mut do higher level ones (Based on Darkmoon Faire Reputation).

5 Copper Modulators (Engineering level 65, learned from a trainer) Gets you 1 Ticket.
7 Wirring Bronze Gizmos (Engineering level 125, learned from a trainer) Gets you 4 Tickets.
36 Green Fireworks (Engineering level 150, learned from a schematic bought from Gagsropcket in the Barrens (At Ratchet) or Crazk Sparks in Stranglethron Vale (At Booty Bay) gets you 8 tickets.
6 Mechanical Repair Kits (Engineering level 200, learned from a trainer) gets you 12 tickets.
6 Throium widget (Engineering level 260, learned from a trainer) gets you 20 tickets.

Steam Tonk Controller: In addition to quests to earn tickets, for 40 tickets you can purchase a schematic to learn to make a Steam Tonk Controller, or you can buy the recipe in limited supply from Sovik in Orgrimmar or Gearcutter Cogspinner in Ironforge. The controller allows you to control a tonk from the Faire, and has 50 charges. The schematic requires level 275 in engineering to learn, and level 45 to be able to do the turn-in quest for the schematic (Which is Bind on Pickup). The controller itself requires no engineering level to use, and can therefore be sold.


One of the gnome racial abilities is +15 skill to Engineering. This gives Gnomes +15 to their current Engineering level and allows them to go 15 above their current level cap (Thus having a max of 315 in engineering). There are no recipes that require above 300 engineering though. Also, Gnomes do NOT have to go gnomish for their specialization, they can go goblin as well.

-Dark Iron-

Dark Iron is a higher level metal used in some engineering schematics, but unlike other metals you cannot learn to smelt it from a trainer. In order to learn to smelt Dark Iron you must bring 20 Gold Bars, 10 Truesilver Bars, and 2 Star Rubies to Gloom’rel in the Summoner’s Chamber of Blackrock Depths (You must be careful to only talk to him and not start the event, or you end up killing him). Unlike other metals, 8 ore is required to smelt one Dark Iron Bar, and it can only be done at the Black Forge in Blackrock Depths. Some recipes that use Dark Iron can only be crafted at the Black Anvil. (Found in Blackrock Depths as well).

-Field Repair Bot 7A-

In Black Rock Depth, by Golem Lord Argelmach is a scroll that teaches this schematic ( If you have 300 Engineering). This robot acts like a vendor for 10 minutes, buying items and repairing armor. This is very useful for large raids. An updated version, Field Repair Bot 110G, that sells reagents in addition to repairing, is available in Outlands. See Engineer-Only Schematics for more information.

-Engineering Bags-

Engineers have the ability to create engineering bags that can be used to hold items used in engineering. Bags can also be bought from vendors, although they usually have a smaller capacity than those made by an engineer. Items the bags can hold include Explosives (Except mines), Engineering Trinkets, Parts, Blasting Powders, Fused Wiring, Engineering Tools (But not mining picks or hammers), Membership Cards, and many other things created using the engineering skill.

-Seaforium Charges-

The various seaforium charges can be used by engineers to open doors, lockboxes, and chests that the Rogue Skill, Lockpicking, can also be used to open. Lower level charges can only open lower level locks, so you cannot use a small seaforium charge to open an eternium lockbox, you would need to use an elemental seaforium charge instead.

-Flying Mounts-
At level 350, Engineers can learn to create a Flying Machine Control from either Jonathan Garrett in Shadowmoon Village in Shadowmoon Valley or Niobe Wizzlespark in Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley. This machine resembles a gnomish gyrocopter (But does NOT require Gnomish Engineering to learn) and you must have at least expert riding skill or higher to use it, and it travels at the same speed as a regular flying mount.. At level 375, Engineers are able to upgrade their Flying Machine to the equivalent speeds of other epic flying mounts by learning the schematic from the same trainers in Shadowmoon Valley. The upgraded version requires the original Flying Machine Control, and, among some other materials, a Hula Girl Doll sold by Griftah in Shattrath City for 100 gold. This Flying Machine requires artisan riding skill or higher to use.

-Quest Schematics-

Flash Bomb: Taught by Rigglefuzz in the Badlands (Between the central mountains) after completing the "Pearl Diving" Quest (Obtained at level 30). Requires 185 in Engineering to learn. This schematic requires Blue Pearls obtained from giant clams in StrangleThorn Vale (In The Vile Reef). It's a bomb that causes all beasts in a 5 yard radius to flee for 10 seconds.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti: Taught by Umi Rumplesnicker in Winterspring (At Everlook) after completing the "Are We There Yeti?" Quest line (Obtained at level 52). Requires 250 in Engineering to learn. The Yeti is a non-combat, small pet.

Snake Burst Firework: Sold by Zorbin Fandazzle in Feralas (By the dock to Feathermoon Stronghold) after completing BOTH "Zapped Giants" (Obtained at level 45) and "Fuel for Zapping" (Obtained at level 45). Requires 250 Engineering to learn. It's a firework.

Zapthrottle Mote Extractor: Schematic is obtained from either K.Lee Smallfry (For Alliance) or Mack Diver (For Horde). Both are found in Zangarmarsh and require you to do a quest called “The Zapthrottle Mote Extractor” (Obtained at level 60) before giving you the schematic. The Schematic requires 305 engineering to learn, do not bind, and the device itself allows you to collect motes from clouds found in various zones. Green clouds in Zangarmarsh give motes of water, brown clouds in Shadowmoon Valley give motes of shadow, windy clouds in Nagarand give motes of air and purple arcane vortexes in Netherstorm gives motes of mana.
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PostSubject: Continued 2   Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:53 am

-Engineer-Only Schematics-

In Outland there are some schematics that Bind When Picked Up and can only be obtained by an engineer. If you want to learn these schematics you must obtain them yourself. You do not need to have the proper level to learn them for them to drop, all you need is to have the engineering profession. The schematics are:

Felsteel Boomstick- Requires level 360 Engineering to learn and the schematic is dropped by Doomforge Engineers in Blade’s Edge Mountains. The gun requires level 70 and Binds When Equipped.

Khorium Scope- Requires level 360 in engineering to learn and the schematic is dropped by Sunfury Bowman in Netherstorm. The scope requires level 55.

Hyper-Vision Goggles- Requires level 360 in Engineering to learn and is obtained from Mo’arg Weaponsmiths in Shadowmoon Valley. The Goggles are Leather and Bind When Equipped.

Field Repair Bot 110G- Requires 360 Engineering to learn and is dropped from Gan’arg Analyzers in Blade’s Edge Mountains, on the western plateau, which requires a flying mount to get to. Sells reagents in addition to repairing, and has 5 charges.

Adamantite Arrow Maker- Requires level 335 in Engineering to learn. Obtained from Sunfury Archers in Netherstorm. Creates 5 stacks of 200 adamantite arrows.

Rocket Boots Xtreme- Requires 355 in Engineering to learn, and is dropped from Mekgineer Steamrigger in the Steamvaults. The boots are leather and Bind When Equipped.

Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite- Requires 355 in Engineering to learn, and is dropped from Mechano-Lord Capacitus in the Mechanar. The boots are cloth and bind When Equipped.


Engineering allows you to create a wide variety of pets. Combat Pets and One-Time-Use pets usually have a "tag" under their names with the name of the player than created them ([Player]'s Guardian). They CAN be used in conjunction with hunter/warlock pets, but you DO NOT have direct control over them. Let me also say I use "pet" as a broad term for anything that you create into the world. You may have a hunter/warlock pet, a "guardian" and a non-combat pet out all at once.

Non-combat pets: Non-combat pets are those that serve no purpose other than to follow you around. They can be used as much as you like and do not die. Most do not require engineering levels to use, so you can sell them or give them to friends Smile
Mechanical Squirrel
Tranquil Yeti
Lifelike Mechanical Toad
Pet bombling (Binds on pickup)
Lil Somkey' (Binds on Pickup)
Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot (Binds on Pickup)

Combat Pets: Combat pets are pets that you can summon to help you fight for a limited time, they can also be used as much as you like (They do have cooldowns between uses though), usually taking the form of trinkets. They do not "die", if they are killed you must simply wait for their cooldown before you can use them again. They do require engineering to use.
Mechanical Dragonling
Mithril Mechanical Dragonling
Arcanite Mechanical Dragonling
Gnomish Battle Chicken
Goblin Bomb Dispenser

One-time-use pets: One-time-use pets are those that have "charges", which means they can only be used a certain number of times before you must make more. They have a variety of purposes from aiding you in combat to acting as vendors, or even explosives. They do require engineering to use.
Target Dummy
Advanced Target Dummy
Masterwork Target Dummy
Compact Harvest Reaper
Explosive Sheep
Goblin Land mine
Field Repair Bot 7A
Gnomish Flame Turret
Field Repair Bot 110G

-Engineering for Profit-

Although Engineering usually costs you more than you make, there are a few items which can be sold to other players for professions and quests.

Non-combat devices: Most non-combat pets and fireworks an engineer makes can be sold to other players or given as gifts.

Flash Bomb: A schematic that can be learned after doing the “Pearl Diving” Quest (Obtained at level 30 from Rigglefuzz in the Badlands, by the central mountains). The schematic requires level 185 to learn, but the bomb itself requires no engineering level to use. The recipe requires Blue Pearls from giant clams in the Vile Reef, in Stranglethorn Vale. The bomb causes all beasts within 5 yards to flee for 10 seconds.

Salt Shaker: Learned at 250 Engineering from a trainer. Used by leatherworkers to turn Deeprock Salt into Refined Deeprock Salt.

Aquadynamic Fish Attractor: Learned at 150 Engineering at a trainer. It's a "bait" that is applied to a fishing pole to increase the fishing skill of the player by 100 for 5 minutes. Made in stacks of 3.

Guns, Bullets and Scopes: Engineers have the opportunity to make many guns, bullets and scopes which can be sold to any class which can use them.

EZ-Thro Dynamite: A bomb that doesn't require engineering to use. The first model can be learned at Engineering level 100 from a dropped schematic. The second model can be learned at Engineering level 200 from a schematic bought from Blizrick Buckshot in Tanaris (At Gadgetzan). Both models can be sold to and used by any player.

Green Lens: Although only usable by engineers, these have a random enchantment added when crafted, so you may be able to sell them to an engineer looking for a specific enchantment. Learned at 245 Engineering from a Trainer.

Quests that require engineering items to complete:

Warsong Supplies- (Horde Only) (Obtained at level 22) Given by Locke Okarr in Ashenvale (At Splintertree Post). One of the sub quests requires a Deadly Blunderbuss to complete, which requires 125 Engineering to make, and is learned from a trainer.

Chasing A-Me 01- (Obtained at level 48) Given by Karna Remtravel in Un'Goro Crater (At Marhsal's Refuge). The followup quest requires a Mithril Casing to complete, which requires 215 Engineering to make, and can be learned from a trainer.

That's Asking A Lot- (Obtained at level 52) Given by Smokey LaRue in Eastern Plaguelands (At Light's Hope Chapel). Requires (In addition to 2 Thorium Bars and a Golden Rod) 8 Hi-Explosive Bombs, learned at level 235 Engineering from any trainer. And 8 Unstable Triggers, learned at Engineering level 200 from a trainer, to complete.

The Touch of Zanzil-(Rogue Only) (Alliance Only) (Obtained at level 20) Given by Doc Mixilpixil in Stormwind (In the SI:7 Headquarters) after doing the Mathias and the Defias questline (Rogue Only) (Alliance only) (Obtained at level 20). Requires a Bronze Tube to complete (In addition to a Leaded Vial, Simple Wildflowers, and a Spool of Light Chartreuse Silk Thread) which requires 105 Engineering to make, and can be learned from a trainer.

Look to the Starts-(Alliance Only) (Obtained at level 20) Given by Viktori PrismAntras in Duskwood (At Darkshire). Requires a Bronze tube to complete which requires 105 Engineering to make, and can be learned from a trainer.

Gyro What? - (Obtained at level 35) Given by Lotwil Veriatus in the Badlands (A little east of Kargath). Requires a Gyrochronatom to complete, which requires 170 in Engineering to make, and is learned from a trainer. The first quest in the chain is Coolant Heads Prevail (Obtained at level 35) which requires a Frost Oil made by an alchemist with a skill of 200 of greater. The Frost Oil recipe is bought from Bro’Kin in Alterac Mountains (Near The North West corner).

Gizmo for Warug- (Obtained at level 35) (Requires Magram Clan Centaur reputation at Friendly or higher) Given by Warug in the Desolace (At the Magram Centaur camp) Requires an Advanced Target Dummy to complete which can be learned from a trainer, and requires level 185 in Engineering or greater to make. Part of a questline that begins in the Desolace.

The Ectoplasmic Distiller- (Obtained at level 60) Part of the Tier 0.5 Questline. Requires (In addition to 4 Greater Eternal Essence, 10 Stonescale Oil, and 25 Volcanic Ash) a Delicate Arcanite Converter which requires 285 in engineering to make and the schematic is bought from Xizzer Fizzbolt at Everlook in Winterspring.

Additional Materials- (Obtained at level 67) Given by David Wayne in Terrokar Forest. Part of a questline that begins with a drop from Overseer Ripsaw in Shadowmoon valley. In addition to a Demon Warding Totem and 4 Heavy Knothide Leather the quest requires an Adamantite Frame, which is learned at level 325 engineering from a trainer.

The Soul Cannon of Reth’hedron-(Obtained at level 70) Requires Honored Netherwing reputation to start, and is given by Illidari Lord Balthas in Shadowmoon Valley. The quest requires, in addition to a Flawless Arcane Essence and 2 Felsteel bars, a Khoirum Power Core (Level 350 Engineering from a trainer) and an Adamantite Frame (Level 325 Engineering from a trainer).
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PostSubject: Re: Leveling Engineering by Velgaurd off from WoW forums   

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Leveling Engineering by Velgaurd off from WoW forums
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