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 Account Management

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PostSubject: Account Management   Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:17 am

I want to let everyone what Daryll has gone through for me and what to do to prevent this easily.

1) Ensure that your password is changed frequently.

2) Ensure that your personal information and email address is correct and that you still have access to the email is correct.

Basically what had happened is this. I was playing as described in previous post. I was booted. I spent 2 days trying to figure out what had happened, and well they said someone who wasnt supposed to access my account and did and immediately banned the account to keep damage from happening. So After about 30 emails to the Account Administration and that number isnt exagerated. I finally got fed up and had Daryll call, well they were taking to long cause if the account was damaged at all in that split second you have a day or two to get it restored before that saved information goes bye bye. Anyways, I had daryll call again after sending my Power of Attourney papers in...well that wasnt good enough and they are lucky I dont take them to court cause Daryll had full power of attourney to all my property and money. The account belongs to me but the characters images names and whatever other whoohah belongs to blizzard, so at this time I am really really mad. So, I had Daryll call Blizz and pretend he was me due to the fact that I cant call at all and I had him fax my Birth Certificate and AR Deploma to them. Well finally we got somewhere, my email is in the process of being set to what I am currently using for email. Well. This is what day 3 for me and I just messaged them through the application part of battle.net and I am awaiting the actions to be taken to my account to get the banned lifted. I advise each and everyone in our guild what I mentioned above, and yes it is obvious to do it but just a reminder so that in the future this doesnt happened to you seasoned players.. lol!

Again I thank Daryll who had to put up with me cause there is nothing like not being able to give them a peice of your mind and have someone else do it for you. Thanks for your patience DJ....

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Account Management
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