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 The Rules of Emerald Valor

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PostSubject: The Rules of Emerald Valor   Sun Feb 24, 2008 5:53 pm

1. General Conduct
2. Active Membership
3. Chat Conduct
2. Gathering while Grouping
5. Looting Rules
6. Guild Loans
7. Asking for Help
8. Authority

1. General Conduct
As a member of Emerald Valor, you are expected to treat others with kindness and respect. Playing around is permitted, being mean or rude is not.

2. Active Membership
You must be an active member of WoW. The Heroes clean up the member list every couple of weeks. If your main has not been active for more that 1 month, you will be notified that you have one week to "reactivate" your character (just log into wow) before it is removed from the guild. (You may prevent this by sending an e-mail to the GM or another Hero if you know you will be gone for a while). You must also be active on this website. If you are not a registered member, you will not be able to progress in ranks or receive other permissions. Please be sure to check the website every week or so for guild events and other posts.

3. Chat Conduct
Please refrain from holding private conversations on guild chat. Anything else is acceptable (if you don't like cursing, turn your filter on) unless you are asked to stop by an Hero.

4. Looting Rules
When we run instances, please follow the few simple rules in the "Looting Rules" post and everyone will have a fun time!

5. Gathering while Grouping
If you have a gathering profession, that does not automatically mean that you get every mithril vein or silverleaf that you find while your grouping.
First find out if there are any others in the group with the same profession. If one of you will level while gathering, then that person gets to do the gathering. If both of you will level, you must roll on the item (for miners, you may share the gathering, and both level).
If you get to gather, it is polite to share half the loot with the other person. If neither of you will level, roll for the gathering, and split the product. If you get something extra (a gem, for instance), roll on that extra item.
For skinning, if the loot is yours, you may skin. If the loot is theirs, let them skin. Otherwise, take turns. On skinnable bosses, roll.

6. Guild Loans
The guild has money in the vault reserved for guild members wishing to purchase mounts. This is a loan, not a gift. (Other members need mounts, too, and we have a growing guild) To qualify for a loan, you must be level 40, a permanent member of the guild (not an applicant) and you must have the rest of the gold needed to purchase your mount. The largest loan you may get is 50g. These rules do not apply ONLY if you petition the Heroes and you receive FULL Hero approval (all Heroes must agree). The only rule that is not negotiable is that you must be a permanent member of the guild.

7. Asking for Help*
If you need help, you may ask the higher levels to help you, but please follow these guidelines:

a. If the people online tell you they do not have time to help you, please don't ask them over and over again. If new people sign on, you may ask them. Please do not be upset if people don't help you every time you ask, they are questing, too.

b. Please do not ask for help for quests or areas that are too high for your level. Go quest in an area intended for your level and do the higher quests later.

c. If you need help for an Instance, please be sure that you have looked for a pick up group before you come to the higher level guildies to run you through. We don't mind running you, but we want you to have experience when you get to higher levels, and be able to play your character well. This will not happen if you don't practice!

d. If you ask for help with something and someone tells you they will help, DON'T KEEP ASKING. They are working on it, or getting there.

*Note that these rules do not apply when you are asking a member of your own level (or near your level) to quest with you.

8. Authority
Please remember that the Heroes are here for a reason. They want to help you and keep the guild running smoothly. Please always listen when an Hero asks you to do something.

If you have a question about our guild that is not addressed here, it is probably in the Member FAQ that you can find in the Member Help Area.

One last thing. If you are having problems getting along with someone, make sure it's not your fault. Are you being polite to them? Are you asking too much? Are you just being too sensitive? If you have thought about it and truly believe it's not your fault, please go to the How to File a Complaint post.

Have no fear, Tulu is here!
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The Rules of Emerald Valor
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