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 How to File a Complaint

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PostSubject: How to File a Complaint   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:01 pm

One thing before we start:
If you are having problems getting along with someone, make sure it's not your fault. Are you being polite to them? Are you asking too much? Are you just being too sensitive? If you have thought about it and truly believe it's not your fault, read on.

We want you to have a fun time while playing with our guild, so we want to make sure that you are not being picked on or being snubbed. If you have a complaint, PLEASE tell us. We want to know. Here's how to go about filing a complaint:

We aren't gods, we can't see everything. If someone in the guild says something mean or rude to you, take a screen shot and submit it to the website under a complaint post that you create yourself. You should create the post under Ideas For the Guild.
You should then either message an officer in-game, or drop one of us an e-mail through the website. The officer will take your case, and you will be notified of their decision. (Your post will be removed by an admin as soon as it has been seen, for your protection) Please understand that we need to have proof, especially if the person who is rude to you is well-thought of. In your e-mail, please include a detailed description of what occurred.

Have no fear, Tulu is here!
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How to File a Complaint
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