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 Nightloom= Skinner/Leatherworker ~ Nootau= Miner/Blacksmith"Armorsmith"

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PostSubject: Nightloom= Skinner/Leatherworker ~ Nootau= Miner/Blacksmith"Armorsmith"   Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:32 pm

Nightloom's Leatherworking is less than 10 levels to max I do have a couple epic patterns and many other rare and commons - Elemental Spec on leather so you all know. If you need anything and Annux don't have or if he is not on I will see what I can do for you. A little extra tidbit Nightloom is maxed out on Lockpicking if u need a box picked just let me know will try to keep him in a common area just incase until expansion is released.

Nootau is still in his learning process hehe however as soon as I get the skill level and patterns just let me know if its some armor you need he is your man.

FYI- I also have a lv 41 Druid enchanter who is at 290 enchanting and can do Icy, Fiery, and soon Lifestealing. just let me know this toon's name is = Shadeclaw. and a Level 39 Priest who is a Jewel Crafter = Driana.

Thanks and see ya soon.

~Nightloom afro
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Nightloom= Skinner/Leatherworker ~ Nootau= Miner/Blacksmith"Armorsmith"
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