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 Mission Statement

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PostSubject: Mission Statement   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:07 pm

It is the goal of Emerald Valor to be provide a stress-free social guild for our members. We see instances and raids as tools for enjoyment, instead of absolute musts. We will gladly: give advice when asked, group when we are available, and try to help one another get the equipment they would like (all within reason). We will not force members to: change their play style, group with others, or obtain certain equipment. Every member is encouraged to help according to his/her own willingness and availability. Progression in the ranks will depend on helpfulness, reputation, skill (to a smaller degree), and knowledge of our rules and policies. Members may progress in the ranks at their own pace. The rules and guidelines we enforce will be for the sole purpose of keeping the guild on this track. These are the original goals of the founding members of Emerald Valor.

Have no fear, Tulu is here!
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Mission Statement
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