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 Member FAQ

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PostSubject: Member FAQ   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:24 pm

What is the purpose of this FAQ?

It is our hope that this FAQ will convey the "personality" of our guild as well as answer many of the questions that new (and old!) members ask us almost daily. If you are not yet a member, I hope this will help you make your decision about joining our guild family.

What is a Seeker?

If you are new, you have the "Seeker" status. This is a period of getting to know the guild, and us getting to know you. We want to make sure that you are able to play well with us and get along with everyone. At this point, higher levels will be available, as time permits, to help you out with instances and quests (please read more on this topic later). But for our security, applicants do not have guild vault or guild loan privileges. These, along with other benefits will come with your permanent induction into our guild. During this time, we will be watching for these things:

Your ability to work well in a guild group, as well as find a group on your own to do quests and instances at your level.

Your attitude towards others in the guild and the respect with which you treat them.

Your ability to follow orders in an instance.

Your ability to make wise choices in group settings.

Your overall conduct in the game; how well you get along with others.

When will I become a permanent member?

This will vary depending on how many guild members/Heroes are online while you are, and how fast we can get to know you. Usually, though, it will be about three weeks. Remember, this is the time for you to get to know us as well. Make sure you really like our guild and would like to stay. When you are sure, you schedule a Rank Test with an Hero during their "office hours." Your promotion will depend on you passing the Test. If you would like to learn more about the ranks and Tests, go visit the Rank FAQ/Guide.

What is Emerald Valor all about?

Emerald Valor is a non-raiding social (family) guild. We do not want to be a guild that "power-trips" or constantly has drama. We wanted a peaceful guild where we can help each other level, enjoy the benefits of crafters' skills and, of course, friendship. We are not into 40-man raids or hard-core instance running. We would like to run Karazhan and others, but you get the idea. You will not be required to run instances if you don't like them. Basically, we want to help each other and not stress too much. If you are the kind of person who doesn't enjoy helping lower levels or crafting for free once in a blue moon, please reconsider before you join. We need your help just as much as you need ours.

As put by Arvernien:

The guild exists to provide a regular group of players that we can look to for instance groups, general or simple information, access to professional skills that you don't have, and in game social benefits.

Also refer to the Mission Statement

How does our Guild Vault work?

The guild vault is meant to be a cheap way that permanent members can get items they may need or want. These items are donated by all of us of our own will (you will not be forced to donate), and can be PURCHASED for a discounted price. As of 2-25-08, the price is 20% of the auction house price. If you cannot find a clear price on an item, go check it on www.thottbot.com and abide by 20% of the listed price. The money that the guild makes will go to help you and others in the guild.

When do I get Guild Vault privileges?

This part may be a little confusing, because only Heroes have access to withdraw items or money from the vault. This is so that we can keep track of what's coming out and who it's going to. However, as a permanent member, you may ask an Hero at any time for an item from the guild vault.

How will I get my items from the vault?

If there are no Heroes online, please send a message by WoW mail to one of them, and they will assist you next time they are on. If you are not online at that time, your items will be sent C.O.D. (in the mail; you have to pay before you can receive the item). If you are both online, the Hero will tell you the price of the item, and you will put that amount into the guild vault before the Hero gives you the item.

What are Guild Loans, and how do I get one?

Guild loans are reserved for a very specific purpose: purchasing mounts (this requires you to be at least level 40). If you need money for something other than a mount, you may petition the Heroes, but only in very rare circumstances will this type of loan be approved. Please note that guild loans will not be given to people who are trying to "twink" their characters! If you must have a twink, you need to get a high level main and make your own gold. The largest loan ANY member is allowed without full Hero approval (must be approved by ALL Heroes), is 50 gold. To get a loan, you must have in your possession all but the last 50 gold. We will loan you the money when you are able to come up with the rest, and not before. This is for our protection as well as yours. Once again, you must be a permanent member to qualify for a loan.

When will I be required to pay back the loan?

You will have a maximum of 30 days to pay back the loan of 50 gold. In order to protect you, please ask an Hero to assist you in paying back the loan. Simply let one of them know that you are depositing the money, and that Hero will be able to attest to the guild that you have paid your debt in full. Please let the Hero know if you cannot pay it back in this time frame, and we will try to come up with a compromise.

How do I invite a new member?

As you quest and do instances, we hope that you will meet people that you enjoy playing with. Of course, we hope that they would like to become members of your guild. If you wish to have someone invited, please message an Hero with the person's name. At this time, we would like you to have grouped with this person at least one time, and preferably two times. We don't want to make a habit of inviting people who are shouting in Stormwind, "looking for guild!!!" Please give the Hero a reason you would like to have this person join. Example: "She's really nice, and she's an awesome tank!" That person will be invited by the Hero, and they will be a "Seeker." Real life friends are always welcome.

Can a Seeker look for new members?

Yes!! If you are a new member of the guild and you have a friend you would like to join, let us know! We would love to have your friends in our guild-family.

When is it okay to ask for help?

If you need help, please ask us. That's what we're here for. As long as your request is reasonable and you are not asking incessantly, you may ask for help at any time.

How do I ask for help with an instance?

If you are having trouble finding a group to do an instance (your level range, of course), you may ask a higher level member of the guild to help you. If no one has time to help you, you may come to the website and create a post under "Guild Events" detailing which instance you would like to do, and the times you will be available to do it. Example: "I would really like to run Zul Farrak, but no one seems to want to group this weekend. I would appreciate it if I could get help from an Hero. I will have the time to do it on Monday night, Wednesday night, or Saturday at noon. " You may then announce to the guild that you have created a post asking for help with the instance, and the other members can come look at it and make plans to help you. Believe me, you will get more help this way then by begging all night in guild chat. Speaking of guild chat:

Are there any guidelines for what I talk about in guild chat?

I wish we did not have to cover this topic, because it should come naturally to people to not talk about certain things. We are NOT a curse-free guild. If you don't like cursing, turn your filter on. There are people in the guild who curse, and we are not asking them to stop something that we can "ignore" if we choose. We are your guild family. We DO care when you're having a bad day, when you get dumped, or when your parents are ticking you off. We want to listen to you and help you get through it. But if it's something that only you and one other person know about, then please don't carry on a conversation about that in guild chat. If you are not sure about the subject you wish to speak about, go ahead and talk. If there is a problem with it, one of the Heroes will whisper you and ask you to take it to a private chat.

Do I have to listen to the Heroes?

Above all LISTEN WHEN AN HERO TELLS YOU TO DO SOMETHING. If you do not comply or you are rude to the Hero, we will be forced to take measures. We will not tolorate rudeness towards anyone, but especially an Hero. I am sorry we have to address this part, but this is an issue that has come up and we cannot have it go unaddressed. If you would like to know our policy on crime and punishment, please go to the Crime and Punishment section of the Rules and Guidelines forums.

Who are the Heroes, anyway?

The Heroes are a set number of people (9 or 11) who are most trusted and available to complete the tasks given to them. At this time, they are all long-time members of Morning Glory (the old guild) and have proven their dedication to the GM as well as the standards of the guild. In the future, they will be voted in by the guild. There will be rules and requirements for this process that the current Heroes will decide and vote on in the near future.

Can I have all of my alts in the guild?

We've all done it: We create an alt, get it into the guild, level it to level 12, and drop it. But it stays in the guild. And soon, people start wondering, who is that person? Why are they never on? Well, we've got a solution to that. We want your alts to be in the guild as well, so that you can still see guild chat while you're going after Hogger. But there is a specific rank for alts in our guild, so that we can tell how many "real" members we have. We ask that you post your main's name in your information box, so that we know who we're talking to. Please make sure to inform the Hero who invites you that you are an alt, so that the Hero can promote you to "alt" rank status. At this time, it is called "Henchman." The Heroes will check the roster every three weeks or so and make sure that all the members are active. If your alt is not in the correct rank, or does not have your main's name, it may be kicked for inactivity. You will be sent a message on your character to let you know that you have one week to "reactivate" your character in the guild.

What if I don't know how to do something?

If you aren't sure how to do something or get somewhere, ask us. Most of us have been playing for a while and will know the answer to your questions. Example:
Q. How do I look for a group for an instance or quest?
A. You type /1 LFG for (name of instance here).
If the members online do not know the answer to your question, please don't ask one of them to look it up for you. You can go to www.wowwiki.com for FAQ info, and www.thottbot.com or wowhead.com for quest/item info.

Have no fear, Tulu is here!
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Member FAQ
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