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 Jairen and Hittman

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PostSubject: Jairen and Hittman   Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:21 pm

Jairen may be the quiet one in the guild, but he is always eager to help when I need it and that is quite often. He also makes sure I get upgrades whenever it is possible. (He knows how timid I am about greeding and needing items)

Hittman (known by many names but I don't know half of them) told me some important things every hunter should know and even recommended that I switch my pet to a cat as they are the most reliable. He also gave me some gold when I was still a noob so I could buy some better gear.

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the help. Smile

Hunter and Hunted, who can say, which is which on a given day?
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Jairen and Hittman
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